The Rise Of ‘Fake Media’ In Pakistan

TV news channels are supposed to provide information based on facts with objectivity and honesty. Sadly, all this is sorely lacking in the expanding media

Killing The News To Stay Alive

It is not easy to be a journalist in Pakistan’s volatile southwestern province Baluchistan.   More than two dozen journalists have either been killed in

Wali Khan Babar’s Murder Mystery

The murder case of a young Pakistani journalist, Wali Khan Babar, has all the elements of an edge of the seat suspense drama, albeit one

The Long Wait for Justice

It has been more than six years since a Peshawar High Court judge completed inquiry into circumstances of murder of the tribal journalist Hayatullah Khan.

We Are Killing Journalists

Investigative journalist Ali K. Chishti had a nightmare in Karachi on evening of August 30, 2013. He had been traumatized after being roughed up for

Internet Surveillance In Pakistan

Tanvir Siddiqui (Not real name) calls himself a hacktavist (Hacking activist). He is the kind of geeky young man from Karachi who hacks into computer

The Third Front

  There aren’t any obvious parallels in the cases of FATA journalist Hayatullah’s murder and the Baluchistan authorities’ action against ARY TV. On the surface,