Towards Representative Models of Journalists’ Unions, Associations and Press Clubs in Pakistan

Challenges and Solutions of Promoting Labour Rights, Gender Equality and Freedom of Association in Pakistan’s Shifting Media Landscape

This baseline research is part of a rapid assessment of the key factors preventing media unions in Pakistan accepting the growing number of young journalists, particularly digital and women media practitioners, as members and defending their labour rights.

In the face of increasingly precarious and deteriorating work conditions for journalists and media industry in Pakistan, the need to protect, uphold and advocate for the rights of all journalists is nevermore important. This project is led by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) as well as other stakeholders engaged through the course of the project. It aims to strengthen the capacity, confidence and strategic networking of journalists’ representative organizations and press clubs, as well as representatives from mainstream, freelance and entrepreneurial media to devise a national approach to a decent work agenda and gender equity for Pakistan’s media.

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Final Report – Modernization and Reforms

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