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Freedom Network is an Islamabad-based media development and civil liberties organization that
works as a watchdog and facilitator for press freedom, safety of journalists and sustainability of
independent public interest media. The organization’s core values are the promotion of access to
information and the protection of freedom of expression, including freedom of the press and the
Internet, to contribute to the development of an informed society that sees media as a key partner of

Freedom Network’s work includes monitoring and documentation of violations of press freedom and
threats to journalists, research, assistance and alliance-based advocacy for the safety of journalists,
and capacity-building training for the safety, gender-sensitivity, media diversity, and professional
development of journalists and independent digital news outlets.

Since 2013, Freedom Network’s efforts have led to successful advocacy for legislation on the
protection of journalists. The organization has also consistently kept the issue of impunity for crimes
committed against journalists in the spotlight by publishing evidence-based reports and supporting
advocacy campaigns. In 2017, Freedom Network received the French Human Rights Award for
defending freedom of expression in Pakistan.

The organization works closely with primary stakeholders, such as press clubs, unions of journalists,
media organizations, national human rights bodies, federal and provincial government, the Parliament
and provincial assemblies, policymakers, and legal fraternity as well as representatives of civil society
including women’s groups and digital rights advocates.

Freedom Network was set up in the aftermath of the liberalization of Pakistan’s broadcast media
sector, which led to an increase in news content and consumption but failed to produce a
corresponding increase in media professionalism and ethical journalism, and the rise of terrorism in
the country, which among other factors contributed to the threats to independent journalism making
Pakistan one of the most dangerous places for journalists with over 150 media professionals killed in
the line of duty since the year 2000.

In this context, Freedom Network sought, and continues, to reduce the risk to journalists by improving
their capacity to practice journalism safely, raise public and stakeholders’ awareness about the risks
faced by independent journalists, and improve the professionalism of journalists and media outlets to
achieve sustainability, work ethically and embrace diversity.

For more information, please contact us at info@fnpk.org or the following landline phone number:
+92(51) -236 29 24

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  1. Syed Munawar Alam has been working as a journalist since 2004 and now working as Senior correspondent of Dunya News Karachi . On February 26, 2015, Munawar alam came under attack in Gulistan-e- Johar Karachi when he was returning home from office. Fortunately he escaped from the attack. He has been receiving threats from TTP and Lashkar-e- Jhangvi. KUJ and PFUJ were informed about threats while he has registered FIR.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. We will document your case while producing annual report.
      Please stay in touch and take precautionary measures.

  2. Appreciate this initiative, i would like to draw kind attention that FM Radio industry expanded and now over 170 radio channels are
    operational across Pakistan. Lot of NGO & INGos are offering Radio Journalist training time to time but unfortunately yet not treated them as Radio Journalist because journalist bodies/unions/associations did not offered them their membership. Radio journalist should be given a chance to work together with freedom and for freedom.
    FM100 Islamabad

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