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Over 150 Pakistani journalists have been killed in the line of duty and thousands of others assaulted,
injured, arrested, kidnapped and threatened since the year 2002. Increasingly journalists, especially
women journalists, and other digital information practitioners are facing intimidation, trolling and
threats for their online expression. Freedom Network manages several initiatives for the prevention of
threats, protection against attacks, and prosecution for the legal defense of journalists. These

initiatives are designed to combat impunity for crimes against journalists. Each initiative is explained
separately. You may go to below boxes to select one of interesting theme.

Freedom Network runs a comprehensive multi-directional programme on the safety of journalists with
the sole purpose of protecting Pakistani journalists and media practitioners. The system is based on
the 3P (Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution) approach prescribed by the UN Plan of Action on the
Safety of Journalists and the Issues of Impunity.
Each Safety Hub is established in Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad and Peshawar partnering with
press clubs and unions in these cities. A dedicated coordinator monitors and documents each threat
case journalist faces and reported.
Data collected through these safety hubs are used to produce monthly ‘Threat Data Analysis Report”
which is uploaded to Freedom Network’s website – These reports are used to sensitize
stakeholders, policy and decision-makers, Parliament and the international community to work
together towards combating impunity for crimes against journalists and media.

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