E-Bulletin For June 2019

Media Monitoring June 2019
June 05: Unidentified men attack Mir Altaf, reporter of Mehran TV in Jhol City in District Sanghar, Sindh, at his residence.
June 12: Baqir Sajjad, foreign affairs correspondent with Dawn newspaper was harassed by security agency personnel in Islamabad after meeting with diplomats from British High Commission. https://twitter.com/baqirsajjad/status/1138772037269372928
June 13: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority imposes Rs.1 million fines on News One TV Channel for airing “malicious” content against Chairman NAB. https://www.dawn.com/news/1487903/tv-channel-fined-over-malicious-video-clip
June 13: Pakistanis are more skeptical to Fake news appearing on social media, according to recent global survey.  https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201906130105&EN_ID=11201906130043&EMID=11201906130021
June 14: The Electronic media regulator has advised all satellite TV channels not to “demean individuals representing various political parties and law enforcement agencies through caricatures, animated characters, photo shopped images and memes.” https://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=14_06_2019_003_003
June 14: Ilyas Warsi, chief reporter of Daily Kawish newspaper in Hyderabad, was found murdered at his flat. still motives are unknown.
June 14: An Anti-Terrorist Court granted bail to Syed Matloob Hussain Moosavi, reporter with Daily Jang newspaper, in a case pertaining to alleged possession of illicit weapon. https://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=14_06_2019_005_003
June 17: Muhammad Bilal Khan, a young blogger and social media activist, killed in Islamabad by unidentified men. https://www.dawn.com/news/1488706/blogger-killed-in-islamabad-police
June 26: Journalists covering the Sindh Assembly session protested against PTI’s leader Masroor Siyal’s manhandling and assault of senior journalist and Karachi Press Club’s President Imtiaz Faran. https://epaper.tribune.com.pk/DisplayDetails.aspx?ENI_ID=11201906260286&EN_ID=11201906260097&EMID=11201906260049

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